Last winter (the endless winters of this area)having plenty of time on my hands.
I decided to check on the igloo building competition in Grand Falls, NB .Canada
Well the people of this area love the winter time and are very creative in winter activates.
I was quite happy that I check on the igloo building competition.
It was allot of fun and next year I'm not going to miss it.
If your not sure what to do on a winter weekend you should check this competition out.
I'm not sure about which part of winter it is ,but you should check their web site for a date.
Here are some pictures for you to view.

Pebble Creek Riverbank

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The APEGNB igloo building competition

for this year is on

FEBRUARY 13 - 15 , 2009

Guinness World Records Holder
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Now the object of the igloo building competition is to have teams that each build one igloo for their team in 2 or 3 days.
It's great for local schools and businesses.It shows teamwork and gives great advertising to all that participate.
The igloo has to be finish (the better it looks the better it scores) and strong enough to with stand the weight test
The pictures below show how the weight test is done.
Below a picture of the winners for 2007.
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