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Good Summer fun in the St.John Valley
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Welcome to Valleylife,A St. John Valley Directory .Located between New Brunswick,Canada and Northern Maine,USAThis Directory is about the people, their way of life, their arts and crafts.Read some great stories about their history. So have a look around. Parts of this web site are in French.

Essayez notre barre d'outils

Guy Parent...The Early Days

Local artist from Edmundston has taken us back in time, by sharing some of his music clips from the past.For any of you who went through the music of the seventies,this is well worth checking out . I say well done.

At the same time check out all his music clips . Give this artist your local support . 30 plus years of playing music , that sounds like a big piece of a life time to me.(enjoy)

You have 21 days to ride your motorcycle to these 4corners cities of the United States.
If you need help use the translator above

Si jamais l'alimentation naturelle vous intéresse.


Acadian, Cajun and French-Canadian recipes

Share the latest recipes, techniques, ideas and trends of ACADIAN/CAJUN/FRENCH-CANADIAN Cusine.

Tetes a claques.tv ------This is the funnies stuff on the net.
Check the igloo building competition in Grand Falls, NB .Canada
Horns Inn Review.

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